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Frank Springob D.C.
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Frank Springob D.C.

Creator and Founder of MFT
Dr. Springob received his chiropractic training at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After graduation, Dr. Springob returned to Port Angeles, Washington where he established a trusted practice through his vast experience in natural healing modalities.

Dr. Springob's life work has been dedicated to natural healthcare. He developed the Morphogenic Field Technique® (MFT) over a decade ago. MFT is Dr. Springob's rendition of the ideal approach to health maintenance.

After time spent proving the methods, he began teaching healthcare professionals the technique. Since that time, he has trained over three thousand practitioners from around the world and developed additional procedures to address various systems of the human body.

A father and grandfather of four, Dr. Springob continues to reside in Port Angeles. His passions are hiking, mountain biking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. When he is not with patients or enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, Dr. Springob continues to offer innovative clinical procedures to patients seeking an energetic approach to healthcare.
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3,180 students and counting

“The MFT Online Academy is excellent! The quality of instruction is great, and the content is available both in print and video for both visual and auditory learners. Repetition is the mother of skill, and these modules allow me to come back to get more info than I could retain in a single seminar!”
“I would highly recommend this course for anyone that is looking to expand their skills and knowledge in holistic nutrition/ functional medicine. I have been studying nutrition for eight years, and I can say this course has taken my ability to heal to the next level. The value of Morphogenic Field Technique goes beyond what I can put on this review, I honestly believe it has the potential to greatly impact the health of our society. Every healthcare professional could benefit from learning the skills offered through MFT. I cannot say enough good things!” 
“I am so grateful to be a Morphogenic Field Technique practitioner. My business partner (who also completed the course) and I pinch ourselves daily that we get to do such amazing work and help so many people in our practice.”